Music and Writing

Everyone’s different, I know. Some people need quiet when they work on things. Others can work with stuff going on.

I like to listen to music when I write. I like music that helps to set the mood. I put together a playlist for each book I’m working on, albums and artists that put me in the right frame of mind to be creative.

I’ve discovered, for me, that new music really helps feed my creativity. I would not have finished Make a God in October without new music from Winery Dogs, Stryper, and some suggestions like Symphony X and the new album from Lone Bellow. I did some standbys, as well, but that new music was like a shot in the arm.

My goal for Make a God was to finish by the end of October. I stayed pretty consistent through October with that goal and finished, literally, on October 31.

Starting Nov 1, I began The Pack, the novel version of a short story I wrote a couple years ago. I’m writing it for NaNoWriMo, which is a bucket list kind of thing for me. There was no break in writing, keeping up with 2k words a day, or that goal.

Now I’ve been searching for new music as I write. With The Pack, I’ve been listening to more Symphony X and getting into Theocracy.

Do you listen to music when you write? What do you listen to when you write?


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  1. I totally listen to music when writing and when I read too. I have a writing playlist that I made years ago that I default to sometimes, but nowadays I just pop on a Spotify playlist (though the adds get annoying).
    I like the idea of making a different playlist for each book you write. I’m gonna have to try that out. 🙂

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