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Movies for Authors 2 – The Bad News Bears

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Review of The Story of St. Catrick by Robby Charters

story of st. catrickCatrick is a professor at the university. After being saved and cared for by a mouse family, Catrick, a cat, begins to question the abuses of the cat community and their authority over rodent-kind and canines. From there he must struggle with his own philosophy and ideals to decide what is best for all.

As I started this book, I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into. This is not your standard fantasy fare, and after seeing the style of writing and that the characters are talking animals, I wasn’t sure whether this book was for kids or not.

While there is nothing graphic in the book, either language or otherwise, this is not a kids book. Charters has created a world of allegory where races of people are represented by animals – namely felines, rodents, and canines. Within this world, Charters addresses sociopolitical thought and racial unrest by playing on the differences between the different animals and their “natural” animosity towards each other. Taking from colonial issues, European history, and the American Civil Rights Movement, Charters brings in aspects and combines them in an interesting way.
Given all of those aspects, Catrick, the main character, comes to a unique conclusion, one that is idealistic and yet inspiring in its simple faith.

The writing is at times charming and funny, and the solution of simple yet powerful faith is a clear guide throughout. Some of the names and comments twisted to animal type names were well done (i.e. St. Catrick like St. Patrick).

I read a lot of fantasy, and a lot of fiction, and Charters has done something unique. So unique that it is difficult for me to recommend to any specific audience … other than those looking for something refreshingly original.

Purchase Story of St. Catrick here.


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Movies for Authors 1: The Intro

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